The month of January is upon us. A new year means NEW beginnings, NEW goals, and NEW RESOLUTIONS!!! I would be lying if I didn’t have huge goals for myself as well, but I think it is important to be realistic.

Sometimes it’s the small changes that make the biggest differences. For example: You make the commitment to eat breakfast every day, or you vow to drink more water. These small, realistic goals will enable you to easier reach those big life changing goals that you yearn for!!

You might even try introducing some new healthy foods or vitamins into your life. Here are some of my favorites!

photo 51) Kombucha- Lots of people are afraid of this stuff because of how it smells (kind of like vinegar), but I promise it is delicious. This all raw beverage is packed with probiotics and raw cultures. It aids in gut health, digestion, and gives your body a boost of energy and goodness! The bubbles in it add to the fun of drinking it 🙂

photo 2-4

2) DARK Chocolate- I like 90% dark chocolate… why? It is EXTREMELY low in sugar. In fact, this stuff is actually GOOD for you!! HORRAY!!!!!! Dark chocolate is known as a “super food”. It is packed with antioxidants (fountains of youth) and give you just that little bit of sweetness you need to end your day! Try Swapping 75%,85% or even 90% dark chocolate for your usual milk chocolate. **This stuff is better for you than those dove dark chocolate squares.. they’ve got lots of sugar-insert sad face.

photo 4-2

3) Add a probiotic Probiotics are all the rage right now. Suddenly, everyone seems interested in being “regular” (hey everybody poops..). I love this stuff because you can add it to oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt etc. It is flavorless, and helps to get  those important gut flora moving around!


3) Go Dairy Free- This one may be intimidating or just plain out of the question for some people. I totally understand the love of dairy, but if you decide to take a dive into a dairy free day, try SODelicious coconut milk ice cream (In fact, all of their products are fantastic). I think this stuff is AMAZING. It is SUPER low in sugar (which is always good), and the healthy fats from coconut are great for your body. *REMEMBER FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT!!!*


4) Omega 3 EPA/DHA concentrate There are plenty of fish oil supplements on the market, but you want the ones that say EPA/DHA. Think about it…these little pills are fish oil. You want the best quality fish to go into them. EPA/DHA is essentially the purest form of the oil available. These little pills are like magic. They help with brain health, cellular regrowth, weight management, hunger management, and aid in healthy skin, hair and nails. Seriously.. just get them 



5) Spirulina- You may have seen this as an ingredient at your favorite juice or smoothie place. They add it for good reason, this stuff is AWESOME! Spirulina is an algae that is incredibly high in protein and nutrients. It is a great supplement for vegetarians not only because of it’s high protein content, but also it’s high concentration of iron. It also is a complete source of B-12 (great for energy). My favorite part about this super green power is that it is an immune booster. If you feel yourself getting sick, add some extra spiraling powder to your morning smoothie (tastes like spinach), or just drink it down (warning,.. it doesn’t taste great in water).


So there you have it! 5 new products to try in 2015! Comment below if you decide to try, or already use some of these in your day-to-day!



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