HELLO 2014!!!

Hey Blog WORLD!!!!

I know it’s been a while, and I am so sorry I’ve been gone for so long! Life has been so incredibly crazy and unpredictable over the past two months. First, I’ll catch you up a bit on what has been going on!

Unfortunately, Big Fish Closed. We were all so sad to see such a special piece of theatre go long before it’s time. Unfortunately, that is often the way of live theatre. I had the most wonderful experience. I learned a lot about myself as a performer and as a person. I also made some of the best friends I have doing this show.


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My next bit of news:


He asked me to marry him on Christmas Day. It was romantic and perfect. I am so excited and so blissfully happy. HE is the most incredible person I have ever known, and I can’t wait to call him my HUSBAND! (CRAZY)

Hopefully planning  a wedding won’t be too stressful!!! I’ll try to post some of my planning progress on the blog!

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Now onto some more serious business.

The Holidays= Happiness, presents, love, family, and FOOD. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD. Lets be real, holiday food isn’t exactly the healthiest. It’s ok, we all over indulge from time to time. What is most important is to remember that we are human, it’s going to be OK, and we can get a grip! How do you get a handle on an otherwise out of control spiral?

1)Don’t feel sorry for yourself= Looking in the mirror and being disgusted will get you no where. Take a breath, be realistic with yourself, and realize that as quickly as you put those extra pounds on, they will melt off just as fast.

2) Make a change= Change your diet. Eliminate those high sugar/fatty foods that you have been nibbling on, and replace them with fruits, veggies, and whole grains. REMEMBER: Change works in 3’s. Give yourself 3 days to become familiar with your diet. 3 weeks to see a difference, and 3 months to make it permanent.

3) Stay inspired=There is a reason that gym membership sales spike on Jan 1st. People feel inspired to make a change with the new year. Their inspiration usually fades away when they realize that exercise is hard work. STICK WITH IT. Pay attention to how great you feel after a good sweat sesh. ENDORPHINS!!!!!

And there you have it, my first post of 2014!!

until next time