Remember that “I Love Lucy” episode?? Hahaha I couldn’t resist using it as a title…


In today’s world, it is so easy to get sick. We get on the subway, and touch the pole that someone just coughed on. We sit on a train behind someone who just sneezed. We go grocery shopping and use the same cart that a sick kid just snotted on.

Gross I know.

The truth is, we have to live our lives. We can’t go around being fearful of every little germ. In fact, our bodies are incredibly efficient at defending against foreign agents. Our immune systems are constantly at work to keep our bodies healthy and functioning. Yes, it is important to wash our hands, and cover our mouths when we cough, but sometimes our bodies need an extra vitamin boost.

There are an insane amount of vitamins and supplements on the market. It is really up to you which ones you decide to take (if you take them at all). I take these:



Organic Turmeric: Yup, like the spice. Turmeric has been found to have all sorts of amazing properties. First of all, it is an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation doesn’t just happen when you sprain your ankle. Foreign agents that introduce themselves to the body also cause inflammation. Long story short: Inflammation in the body is BAD. Not a believer that Turmeric can replace your ibuprofen??? READ THIS ARTICLE… seriously…

Spirulina/ Chlorella:  This blue-green algae is an awesome source of protein. It enhances your digestion and “removal of waste from the body”. They are a wonderful source of energy, and provide the body with tons of vitamins and nutrients. Chlorella/Spirulina is also an immune booster! Seriously, it is a miracle…I swear by it 🙂

Probiotic: You may be familiar with these guys. Probiotics are good bacteria that hang out in your intestines. They aid in digestion which ultimately helps to rid your body of the bad stuff. You probably have seen probiotics in yogurt such as “Activia”. That is fine, and definitely better than nothing, but you want to find a good quality probiotic supplement. There are TONS out there, I like to make sure that mine are Soy and gluten-free.

Omega 3 EPA/DHA: These are probably the most important supplements to take. We all know that Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish. What you might not know is that Omega-3  are the most potent anti-inflammatory agents we can take. Omega-3’s help with weight management, skin/nail/hair growth, cell regrowth and repair, and most importantly BRAIN HEALTH. Omega 3’s also help to fight: Cancer, ADHD, brain and liver diseases, depression, Alzheimers, and fat loss. What is EPA/DHA? It is the purest most refined form of the oil. Generic Omega-3’s have a lot of junk in them (think about what we dump into our oceans… yuck). Try to find a supplement that boasts EPA/DHA. It is more expensive, but you are getting amazing quality.

(I order directly from the zone website. If you order a monthly auto-ship they give you a great discounted price)

Wellness Formula: I recently discovered this stuff. A fellow performer recommended that I take this wellness formula when I was getting sick. You take 6 huge pills a day (yea it’s a lot) but I swear it beats a cold in no time!  It’s loaded with herbs and vitamins, and truly will kick that sick right out of you!

There are tons of options out there. Again, this is just what I have chosen to put into my body. Try them out, see how you feel!


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